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What if the traffic is not shown in Similarweb?

This can’t be, our traffic 100% displayed on the Similarweb website

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Similarweb have some delays, in about 5 days you will already see the first results

I do not see traffic?

Regular Similarweb website show traffic from previous month, to see statistics for the current month you need register at – you can do this fully for free.

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No we don’t provide free traffic

It’s safe?

Yes, our traffic 100% safe and fully anonymous

When can I buy?

We advise you to buy traffic before the middle of the month, as we need time for setup and keep in mind the similarweb delay

If I buy 1 million visits, I get them all?

So far, we haven’t had a single case. If that happens, we’ll add traffic in the new month.


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